Furniture ideas for small study room

Every home needs a dedicated corner for study. Whether you bring work home or you have a child who needs a place to do their homework, a study room or a study corner is a must in every house. A study room or a study corner has a purpose, however, that doesn’t mean it has to sterile and bland. With the right furniture pieces, you can not just make your study look organized but you can also lend it a character. Remember the decor of a study room is important as this is the place in the house where you can get your creative juices flowing.


Here are a few great furniture ideas for your small study room:

1) Invest in a sturdy study table:  It goes without saying that invest in a sturdy study table. A wooden study table is ideal for all kinds of rooms. A quality study table with smart shelf spaces is a must for every modern home. While buying a study table keep in mind whether you use a computer or a laptop. If you use a laptop, a sleek writing desk would be ideal. However, if you have a computer, make sure you buy a table that accommodates your CPU and the keyboard is placed at an appropriate height. Purchase a desk that allows you a comfortable posture for long hours.

2)Sit in comfort: Apart from the desk, you also need a comfortable chair to sit on. Make sure you choose the colour, design and style of the chair that goes well with your study table. Different wood tones may not give your room a cohesive look. Therefore, instead of contrasting tones, go for matching tones. Go for a cushioned chair if you intend to work for long hours. If you and your child both are planning to use the desk, then invest in two chairs that are height-appropriate. For children, you either buy a colourful cushioned seat. This would definitely get your child to the study table.

3)Don’t ignore the storage: If want a clutter-free desk, then don’t ignore the power of bookshelves and open dividers. These storage units are great for keeping books and placing decorative items. Besides adding an aesthetic appeal to your room, they also help keep the room clean. All that office files, papers, files and supplies need a place of their own. If you don’t have a dedicated study room, these open shelves can create an illusion of visual demarcation.

Buy sturdy wooden table that will give your room a sleek look

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