Tips to choose the right study table

As your kids grow, their academics become less of a child’s play and more of a serious task. So, it pays to create a good study area that’s high on functionality and low on distraction.  And guess what? You can do this by choosing a sturdy and functional study table.

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Here are a few of the important factors to consider in order to choose the right study table:

1) Consider the size of the study table

One of the basic requisites of choosing the right study table is to consider the size. If the study room has limited space, choose a sleek study table. Push the study table towards the wall to optimise space in your kid’s small study room.

If your kids prefer to study in their bedrooms, choose a medium to large-sized study table and place it on one corner to create a small study nook. Add a comfortable seat to make the study nook look and feel cosy. Finish off by placing a small area rug to complete the look.  

2) Focus on storage: Apart from the size, it’s also important to focus on the storage of the study table. If your kids have to use computers to complete their assignments and homework, choosing a computer table is the right option. Modern computer tables are designed to allow space for a computer and its accessories alongside space for books. By choosing this type of computer table, you don’t have to buy twoseparate tables for your kids’ computer and books.

Study tables that have stacked-up storage compartments at the bottom part also make a good option. From storing school supplies to stacking up books, your kids can use the storage compartments for a number of applications.

3) Consider mobility as an option: If you are someone who prefers to rearrange your furniture items every once in a while,  choose a study table with castors. Or if the design that you like doesn’t have castors, simply get them installed by a professional. The wheels will help you rearrange the study table without having to go through the hassle of lifting it up.

4) Height: Many homemakers neglect to give important to height (one of the crucial aspects) when choosing a study table. Depending on the height of the chair, the height of the tabletop should be such that your kids can sit in an upright posture when spending hours studying.

5) Material: Modern study tables are available in several material types, including wood, metal, plastic, and wicker.  Wood is a popular choice. Wooden study tables not only look stylish and authentic but also last for a long period of time.

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