Ideas to turn any bedroom into a dreamy sanctuary

Ever thought about transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary-like space where you can relax and spend leisure time? It may sound like wishful thinking but it’s not difficult to to achieve this look. All you have to do is be creative and explore your furniture options carefully.

Here, we have shared some ideas to help you give a dreamy sanctuary-like makeover to your bedroom:

1. Elevate the comfort quotient with cushioned seats

Comfort is a crucial aspect of a sanctuary-like bedroom decor style. And one of the best ways to add more comfort to your bedroom is to use cushioned seats. Choose a couple of cushioned seats with a plush upholstery done by soft fabrics.

Use the cushioned seats to accessorise the unused areas in your bedroom. Wooden cushioned seats from our collection balance comfort with sophistication. Our cushioned seats are designed to be long-lasting and give your rooms a pop of colour. Our collection includes high-quality home select furniture in Brunei. If you are located in the country, visit our stores. Browse our furniture collection at

2. Use soft wall colors

Wall colours speak volumes about the overall style of the rooms. Soft wall colours such as light blue, pastel pink, muted crimson, light turquoise, and light lavender work wonders in helping you create a tranquil look in your bedroom.

To complement the vibrancy of the wall colours, install proper lighting in your bedroom. During the daytime, you can use sunlight to your advantage and let the wall colours speak the room’s style.

3. Choose floral pattern on fabrics

As fabrics are an important part of bedroom decor, don’t miss out on making the most out of it. For a dreamy sanctuary-like look, choose curtains, bedsheets, and throw pillows that have artsy floral patterns.

Replace your regular curtains with lace or sheer variants to allow in more natural light. You can also choose floral accents in decor showpieces to add a fresh spring-like vibe in your personal space.

4. Use glass and metal showpieces

Give the sanctuary-like look of your bedroom a modern edge by using glass and metal showpieces. Use the showpieces to accessorize your dressing table and bedside table. Apart from elevating the sophistication quotient of your bedroom, glass and metal showpieces also have a cooling effect.

5. Get rid of clutter

One of the basics of pulling off a relaxed, tranquil look in your bedroom is to get rid of clutter. It’s surprising to see how clutter can build up in a short amount of time in your bedroom. Make it a must to de-clutter your bedroom regularly in order to keep the space organised at all times.

Install dividers and organisers in your wardrobe to open up more storage space. Our wooden wardrobes have an ergonomic design for ensuring plenty of storage. Our other bedroom furniture, including dressing tables, bedside tables, and bed frames also have ergonomic storage.

Explore more furniture options for your bedroom

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