Decor Tricks for Small Spaces- Tips from One of the Leading Furniture Stores in Brunei

Decorating a small space can be a daunting task. You want to buy that mink vase for the centre table and that bookshelf that you saw last month, but you stop yourself as you don’t want your living room to look chaotic and cluttered. However, it is possible to decorate small spaces, without sacrificing on style.

Here are some decor tricks for your petite dwelling: 

Think up and think big:If you want to have a bookshelf, then go for  a towering floor-to-ceiling bookshelf than a small and wide one. People often make mistake of filling small space with too many small furniture pieces. The end result is just chaos. Vertical storage units are not only aesthetically pleasing but amazingly functional.

Strategic use of curtains: To make your house’s ceiling seem higher, hang your curtains really close to the ceiling. Striped curtains and single-colour curtains also do the same job. Avoid curtains with horizontal lines and large motifs as they make the room look smaller.

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Folding furniture: We know you need adesk, but you don’t need it 24X7. So, all you need to do is invest in a good folding table — which can be used as a writing desk and can be expanded into a dining table as well. You can check our folding tables online here

Small coffee table: A stylish coffee but compact coffee table just lifts the overall look of a cramped living space. Wooden coffee tables in earthy tones with one statement centrepiece create a spacious feel.

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Mirrors: Mirrors are the best friend of small houses, especially the ones which do not get enough natural light. A floor/lining mirror is the best way to create an illusion of space. If you have children at home, then instead of a floor mirror you can go for large ornate mirror that gives your room a grand look.

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Wall-to-wall carpet:  A wall-to-wall carpet lends a living room continuity, thus making it look bigger. A small rug in a small apartment shrinks the room. A wall-to-wall carpet in neutral shades does wonders and makes the room brighter. A wall-to-wall carpet concept works better in a bedroom as well. Bedrooms are usually smaller than living rooms and the feeling of getting up with a carpet under your feet is just dreamy. 

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Small appliances in retro: Many companies are coming up with smaller versions of their electronic appliances — perfect for smaller spaces. A sleek refrigerator and a portable dishwasher are no less efficient than their bulkier cousins.

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Use statement pieces: People often make mistake of filling up their tiny dwelling with small but several decorative pieces which fail to create an impact. To create a visual effect, go for a big statement pieces but limit to one or two. Same goes for artwork. Go for one big artwork rather than several smaller ones.

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