Kids’ Bedroom Ideas That Your Little Ones Will Find Amazing

If you’re looking at redesigning your child’s room, there’s a lot that you can do to make it playful, creative, and yet uber stylish. Doing a child’s room just doesn’t mean colourful walls, it also means coming up with ingenious ways to get quality furniture so that there’s enough space for the child to play unrestricted and the room has enough smart storage solutions to keep toys, books, and other items away.

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Here are a few great ideas to decorate children’s room that’re practical and stylish in equal parts:

1. Invest in smart furniture: Choose smart furniture that grows with your child’s changing tastes. Instead of traditional furniture items, invest in double-duty furniture that makes the room feel bigger. A sofa-cum-bed with storage at the bottom is perfect for your little one to sleep. Ensure that the bed is big enough to accommodate two to three children for sleepovers. The bottom storage will help the kid tidy up the room in a jiffy and this won’t take any extra floor space. You can also make studies a fun routine with a comfortable wooden study desk. For all that roughhousing that your kid’s room will witness, it is important that you choose a sturdystudy and writing desk.

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2. Accessorise well: A child’s room has to stand out in terms of colours, style, and accessories. If your child’s room in painted in pastel hues, then you can go bold with colourful accessories. Zeroing in on a theme would be the perfect way to start with. You can stack floating shelves with figurines that your child loves.

3. Get crafty: For a pretty decorative touch, get your child’s artwork framed. Go for a matching frame to give a professional touch. For instance, if the dominant colour is blue go for a blue frame or simply go for a white frame with a mount.

4. Let the walls be fun: With so many thematic wallpapers available out there, today’s children are spoilt for a choice. From jungle-themed wallpapers to character-themed wallpapers, there are a plethora of wallpapers to choose from. Wallpapers are a great way to keep up with the changing tastes of children.  You can keep the rest of the room simple.

5. Make most out of the high ceilings: If you don’t want to crowd the floor with too many furniture items, use the ceiling to draw attention. A moon star projector or a lamp is a great way to give the ceiling of your kid’s room a feeling of a beautiful night sky. If that doesn’t get your kid to the bed, it’s difficult to guess what will. You can also use brightly-coloured spherical lights to decorate windows and high walls.