Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Contemporary Home Decor

Contemporary home decor style has evolved over the years. The decor style that was once thought to be spacey and cold looking has now transcended to be comfortable and welcoming.

If you are planning to have a contemporary-looking interior in your home, it’s important to steer clear of these mistakes –

Mistake 1 – Using antique furniture

Antique furniture products work great for traditional and rustic decor style, but when it comes to nailing the contemporary style use modern-looking furniture pieces. Furniture items such as sleek tables, wooden chairs, wardrobes, and cabinets can help you deck up your rooms in the contemporary style. Being one of the leading furniture stores in Brunei, we strive to make it easier for you to achieve the dream look in your rooms through our vast range of durable and modern furniture items.

Apart from sporting a trendy look, our products have clean lines and geometric shapes which add a dose of ‘contemporary’ to your décor.

Mistake 2 – Using too many bright colors in one space

Shades of black, whites, and neutrals are the ideal color schemes for a contemporary look. You can also use sophisticated neutral colors such as beige, taupe, and cream for wall paint to create abstract backdrops. Such backdrops are great for accentuating bold colored accessories.  One of the best ways to play with colors is to create an accent wall. Choose one wall and paint it with a slightly darker shade such as charcoal grey or faded black. The wall acts as a focal point of the room as well.

Mistake 3 – Small windows

If you look at sophisticated contemporary interiors featured in home decor magazines and TV shows, one noticeable decor element you’ll find common in them is large-sized windows.  Bringing the natural light indoors is a great way to add comfort and balance the hard edges of contemporary decor. 

Small windows do not allow as much sunlight and natural lighting as large-sized ones do. Do your rooms have small-sized windows? Make sure to get them rebuilt into larger ones to best incorporate the look. 

Mistake 4 – Lack of texture

Just like natural lighting, texture plays an important role in adding a dash of warmth to the otherwise cold-looking decor elements of a contemporary room.  A contemporary room where there’s no play of texture can come off as cold and uninviting.

Use area rugs, drapes, furniture upholsteries, and cushion covers to mix and match different texture. Soft fabrics such as cotton, velvet, flannel, and muslin go well with neutral backdrops. They also up the comfort quotient of the space.

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