What’s trending in bedroom decor? Get tips from one of the leading furniture companies in Brunei

When it comes to your bedroom’s decor, one of the important things to keep in mind is to ensure that you are not compromising on the comfort factor. Because it’s the place where you relax after a hectic day at work –it is your comfort zone and your private retreat. When it comes to bedroom décor, from wallpapers to nightstands and bed frames – there are many aspects that you can add to the décor and make it look contemporary. If you are gearing up for a big makeover for your bedroom in the coming months, here are some trends that you’ll love.
  • Wallpapers: If there’s one trend that has made a dramatic comeback, it’s wallpaper. It’s a great way to give your bedroom a personal touch. A wallpaper makeover is the easiest to nail. Whether you like geometric patterns or subtle floral designs, you can use wallpapers to completely transform your bedroom. Choose a wallpaper according to the mood you want to create in the bedroom. Wallpapers that are pleasing and not too distracting are an ideal choice. 
  • Bed frames: Gone are the days when bed frames were bland and simple. Our collection of stylish bed frames become the focal point of your bedroom and can instantly change the entire mood of the room. You can glam up your bedroom by getting your bed frame upholstered in a velvet fabric. With a bed frame like that, you feel like a royal every day.  
  • Bookshelves: If you are someone who loves to read before going off to sleep, then get a trendy wooden bookshelf for your bedroom. Having a bookshelf filled with your favourite books will make your personal oasis more special. You can go for a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to create a wow factor in your bedroom. If a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is too overwhelming, you can get wooden, stylish bookshelves to break the monotony.
  • Statement bedside tables: The convenience of having every essential within arm’s reach, especially when you are all curled up in the bed can be quite comfortable. Having a bedside table or two can be quite useful in the night to keep your books, eyeglasses, medicines, and water. Besides utility, wooden bedside tables are great for making a statement or adding glamour to your bedroom. 
  • Rugs: Rugs are the best way to add color, texture and pattern to your bedroom. From vintage Persian to oriental show-stoppers, rugs have attained a very important place in the bedroom.  A large rug gives a big bedroom a sense of cohesive unity. Rugs in bold colours and patterns give the bedroom a whimsical and cozy feel. 
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