6 Decor Tips For Adding A Dose Of Magic To Your Dining Table Setting

A dining table isn’t just wooden furniture. It’s a place where we gather and celebrate special occasions with our loved ones. It’s a place where we catch up with old friends and enjoy sumptuous meals. It’s an important furniture piece as you will be using it every day multiple times. So, choosing the right one makes a lot of difference. If you are looking for a furniture store in Brunei that sells durable, visually appealing, and affordable dining tables, visit this section.

Now coming back to dining table decoration ideas, here we present some gorgeous ways to make your dining table the centre of attraction at every party you host at your home. Whether you are hosting a birthday dinner or have a formal office party at home, these table settings can help you make a striking statement. Read on!

1. Lend your table a personality with tablecloths: The best way to add an air of luxury to your dining space is to give your dining table a festive dressing in the form of a tablecloth. If you are hosting a formal event like an engagement party or graduation party at home, then a table cloth that goes to the floor is an ideal choice. Set the chairs away from the table to give a buffet style feel. If you are hosting a tea party or a brunch, opt for a checkered blue or red tablecloth. For a feminine touch opt for a tablecloth with lace or tassels.  

2. Keep it short and sweet with a table runner: If elaborate tablecloths are not what you want, then you can use a table runner to instantly elevate your table settings. Besides protecting your table from spills and scratches, a table runner will make your table look chic and fun. 

3. Let the placemats talk: To add some element to your dining table, let quirky placements do the magic. Instead of boring rectangular ones, use square or round placemats to give your table a contemporary look.  

4. Steal the show with flowers: To take a simple set up a notch, decorate your dining table with flowers. For a casual setting, a vase and a flower stem or two are enough to give an organic feel to your dining space. For a formal occasion, walk the extra mile and get a floral centrepiece. Let the floral centrepiece be the talking point.

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5. Make it modern rustic: To give your dining space some colour, style and an artistic flourish, decorate with candles, terrariums, and tea light candle holders. For a scent of extravagance, place scented candles in ornate candle holders. To elevate the look and appeal further, use cloth napkins and place them in innovative ways. 

wooden furniture

6. Be in the spotlight: One creative way to give your dining space an added drama and intrigue is to get a minimalist chandelier or pendant lighting. A small chandelier is ideal for a four-seater dining table. A sleek chandelier will lend a dose of elegance to your dining space. Flameless chandeliers are best to give your house the romance of candlelit dinner without having to worry about fire accidents. The best thing about flameless chandeliers is that they flicker just like the real candles, illuminating the space in a creative way.

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Whether you like formal dining or just family-style casual dinner, the way you decorate your wooden dining table sets the mood of the evening.  If you are looking for wooden furniture like dining table, coffee table or sofa sets, we can help you find the right piece that matches your décor. As a leading furniture store in Brunei, we ensure that our furniture pieces are not just stylish but also stands the test of time.